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Schneider Geospatial Acquires the WebGUIDE Xtreme Product From Applied Data Consultants


(Jan 31st 2023) – Indianapolis-based Schneider Geospatial, LLC (“Schneider” or the “Company”) has acquired the WebGUIDE Xtreme product of Applied Data Consultants, a leading Geographic Information Systems (“GIS”) software solutions provider in Wisconsin. The acquisition increases the Company’s footprint within Wisconsin and further solidifies its leadership position within the Midwest.

Indianapolis, Ind. -- Schneider Geospatial, LLC and Applied Data Consultants (ADC) today announced Schneider’s acquisition of the WebGUIDE Xtreme (WGX) product, a leading provider of GIS-based land and parcel management software. The acquisition increases Schneider Geospatial’s customer base to over 700 local government clients in 28 states. The WGX portals will be integrated into Schneider Geospatial’s industry-leading Beacon™ SaaS platform and will become part of a growing suite of solutions that includes Beacon™ /™, and GeoPermits™. "We are excited to welcome the WGX clients to the Schneider family," says Jeff Corns, CEO of Schneider Geospatial. "We look forward to working with our new local government partners, and continuing our leadership in the GovTech market by providing all of our clients with incredible innovation and customer service."


About Applied Data Consultants:

ADC was founded in 1996 as a GIS consulting firm, serving government and private business entities throughout the U.S. Its interactive web mapping solution known as WGX was developed in 2001 and is a powerful, robust tool serving map data to the web for nearly half of Wisconsin’s counties. The company shifted its focus to logistics in 2008 with the introduction of Elite EXTRA, which includes a suite of software for routing and dispatch, reverse logistics and third-party deliveries. Elite EXTRA is serving clients globally with its software offerings. ADC continues to be a family-owned business with headquarters in Eau Claire, Wis.


About Schneider Geospatial:

Schneider Geospatial, LLC provides creative GovTech solutions that change the nature of how people interact with government, improving service while lowering costs. Schneider Geospatial is a leader in providing GIS solutions to hundreds of county, state, municipal, federal, and private entities. Serving over 20% of the counties in the U.S., Schneider Geospatial is one of the largest GovTech SaaS providers with industry-leading solutions such as Beacon™ /™, and GeoPermits™. Recently selected as a GovTech 100 company, Schneider Geospatial is recognized nationally for its award-winning work. For more information about Schneider Geospatial, please visit


Source: Schneider Geospatial.

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