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Data Collection & Conversion

Schneider Geospatial’s data collection and conversion services are the cornerstones of most of our successful projects.

Because bad data will result in bad analysis and results, more organizations choose Schneider Geospatial when “it has to be right.” Schneider Geospatial approaches each project with the care it deserves. From identifying and examining potential source documents to defining the order of preference in source documents to converting and testing digital data layers, Schneider Geospatial ensures our clients receive what they need.

With expertise in a wide range of industry domains, Schneider Geospatial’s in-house team of conversion experts regularly work with clients in land records, E911 and emergency management, public and private utilities, academic and corporate campuses, asset and fleet operations, and many more. 

Part of every Schneider Geospatial project includes a defined pilot area, as well as customized QC routines and workflows to ensure data integrity and quality. Our QA and QC efforts are fully integrated into the conversion process to ensure the highest quality results. 

Schneider Geospatial is an industry leader that introduced the practice of tracking source and quality measurements at the feature level. This robust approach increases users’ confidence in the data and creates a higher adoption rate by end users. 

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