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IDAM technology should be part of every community's disaster and fund recovery plan.

  • GIS Integration

  • Quickly develop standard reports and FEMA forms

  • Quickly and accurately assess the damage with documented estimates



IDAM is configured so the user, at log-in, can choose between standard or mobile interface. Maps are reconfigured for optimal viewing and use.


IDAM is populated with parcel data and GIS from the Assessor and GIS departments. This data is updated on a regular basis, either automatically or on-demand. Can also include Esri Collector app.


Upon completion, IDAM will export the completed damage assessment on filled-out, standard State and FEMA forms.


  • Live Support

  • Mobile Interface

  • GIS Enabled

  • Current Appraised Value Data

  • FEMA Glossary

  • Search Functions

  • FEMA Forms

  • Live Field Updates

  • Eagleview Integration


  • Continually updates the system

  • Disconnected or standalone version

  • Synchronization

  • Special Needs Tracking

IDAM™ is a fast, easy to use solution for assessing damage after a disaster. This affordable web-based solution uses local government real estate data and GIS to rapidly calculate and report damages for individual and public assistance. Monitor damage assessment teams' activities from the EOC or other remote locations and know, in real-time, exactly where they are and what damages are developing. 

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