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Website Development

In today's digital society, your website is the front door to your local government.


Make sure it reflects a positive image. If your site is poorly designed and out-of-date, it doesn’t make a strong presentation to those visiting.

Your website should be easy-to-use and simple to navigate. Visitors are coming because they’re looking for useful information. A site redesign with updated navigation will make sure information is readily available for them to provide the most pleasant user experience.

In addition, programming code, techniques, and web standards change rapidly every year. If your website was developed several years ago, it probably has unnecessary HTML code which could be slowing your site down and impacting your performance with ranking in Google search results. Even more concerning, outdated coding makes your site susceptible to security issues and potential hacking.

The biggest reason to update your website? More than 50% of all internet users are accessing the web via their mobile phones. If your website isn’t mobile responsive, the odds are pretty good they won’t be able to access your local government’s website.

The below outlines the three mobile responsive website packages that we offer.