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Staff Augmentation

Schneider Geospatial helps our client organizations manage fluctuating skill needs with industry-leading talent that is available when and as much (or little) as they need.

Both government and private organizations are faced with the ongoing struggle to recruit, train, and retain the right skill sets for ever-changing needs. Today many of our clients are leveraging Schneider Geospatial’s industry-leading staff in new and exciting ways. By extending their support agreements, our staff augmentation clients are able to get the right resource, when they need it. Need some data converted or maintained, no problem. Need a few days of programming work done, no sweat! This approach allows clients to get the right mix of skills and experience just when they need it, for less cost – and without having to deal with staff turnover.


The success of every project depends on organization, experience, quality standards, and communication. We pursue each of these aspects and offer clients:


  • Concise project documentation

  • Direct communication

  • Industry standard setting experience

  • Life cycle quality assurance

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