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Global Terms of Service

The use of robots, screen scraping or other data mining tools, scripts, or other data gathering and extraction techniques is prohibited. Detection of this activity will result in discontinuation of site access to your account and all associated users, at our sole discretion, and with no refunds. User Accounts are for individual use only. The sharing, subletting. or otherwise using an account other than your own is strictly prohibited. Any use of the site or sites that are deemed inappropriate at our sole discretion is grounds for restrictive actions including (but not limited to) denying access to your account, removing your account, banning you from the site or sites, blacklisting you and your related IP addresses from accessing the site or sites. No refunds will be granted under these circumstances. In addition to these actions, we reserve the right to pursue any and all criminal and civil legal remedies for violating these terms of service.

The content, materials, and capabilities on the website are owned by Schneider Geospatial and/or provided to Schneider Geospatial by agreement of local government jurisdictions; Schneider Geospatial expressly reserves all rights related to such content, materials, and capabilities, including, but not limited to, the right to terminate, remove, and/or effectuate the removal of any third party publications or videos that misuse or misrepresent the website’s content, materials, and capabilities.

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