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CONTACT:   Jeff Corns, GISP

                     CEO, Schneider Geospatial, LLC

                     Phone: 317-826-7200




August 8, 2023 - Indianapolis-based Schneider Geospatial, a leading provider of GIS-based SaaS solutions for the GovTech industry, is excited to announce its acquisition of Spatialest, a renowned provider of assessor-focused GIS-based SaaS solutions, addressing appraisal modeling, comparable sales, appeals management, and related data-centric applications in 16 states. This strategic partnership reinforces Schneider Geospatial's commitment to transforming the nature of government interactions through innovative technology.

With a shared vision of helping clients revolutionize the way governments operate, Schneider Geospatial provides creative solutions that enhance service quality while reducing costs. The Company's record of accomplishments as a leading provider of GIS-based land and asset management SaaS solutions has positioned it as a trusted partner of choice for state, county, and municipal entities.

Spatialest represents an important milestone in Schneider Geospatial's growth journey. By combining forces, the Company expands its market presence and further strengthens its land records solution portfolio. Schneider Geospatial's industry-leading solutions, including Beacon™,™, SimpliCITY™, and GeoPermits™, will now be complemented by Spatialest's specialized products and expertise. By joining Schneider Geospatial, the Spatialest team members will enhance and develop their commitment to excellent customer service.

"Bringing Spatialest into the Schneider Geospatial family is a significant step forward in our strategic roadmap," said Jeff Corns, CEO of Schneider Geospatial. "Together, we will continue to deliver innovative solutions that empower government agencies to leverage smart data and achieve greater efficiency. We remain committed to the high level of customer service our state and local government partners have come to expect from us."

Spatialest's reputation for providing intuitive, visualized data solutions and exceptional customer support aligns perfectly with Schneider Geospatial's mission. The acquisition expands Schneider Geospatial's capabilities and enhances its ability to deliver geo-centric solutions that address the unique needs of state and local governments and citizens.

Ashley Moore, CEO of Spatialest, expressed enthusiasm about joining Schneider Geospatial, stating, "We are thrilled to be a part of Schneider Geospatial's vision of transforming the GovTech industry. Our combined expertise and shared commitment to excellence will pave the way for groundbreaking advances in the land records and citizen engagement sector."

This strategic acquisition underscores Schneider Geospatial's dedication to pushing the boundaries of GovTech solutions and facilitating digital transformation in government operations. By leveraging Spatialest's smart data SaaS solutions, Schneider Geospatial is poised to deliver even greater value to its expanding customer base.


About Spatialest

Spatialest is a leading SaaS provider of geo-centric property record and analysis solutions in the GovTech industry. With a strong focus on accuracy, efficiency, and intuitive data visualization, Spatialest empowers citizens with data and enables assessing offices across the United States to make informed decisions. By offering innovative tools that simplify complex tasks, Spatialest enables its clients to deliver enhanced services to their communities. For more information, visit


About Schneider Geospatial

Schneider Geospatial is a leading GIS-based SaaS provider of land and asset management solutions for the GovTech industry. With a strong commitment to innovation and customer success, Schneider Geospatial empowers nearly a thousand state and local governments across the United States with comprehensive solutions and expert services to optimize and improve decision-making while enhancing public service delivery. Through strategic acquisitions and a customer-centric approach, Schneider Geospatial continues to shape the future of GovTech solutions. For more information, visit



Source: Schneider Geospatial. 



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