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Schneider Geospatial, LLC and Digital Data Technologies, Inc. (DDTI) announced Schneider’s acquisition of the AccuGlobe Internet product and Local Government GIS/CAMA/Tax Web Portal Business of Digital Data Technologies, Inc. (DDTI), a leading provider of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and real-estate web portals in Ohio. This acquisition adds additional clients and resources to one of the largest organizations of its kind in the US. It also expands Schneider Geospatial’s Ohio county client base to include over half of the state. 

The AccuGlobe Internet product team and its clients will be incorporated into Schneider Geospatial and will operate as an integrated business serving over 600 local-government clients in 28 states. The AccuGlobe Internet web portals will be integrated into Schneider Geospatial’s popular and industry-leading Beacon™ platform and will become part of the company’s growing suite of solutions that includes Beacon™ /™ / Elevate™, GeoPermits™, Agland™, Draincalc™, and Geogear™. "We are excited to welcome the AccuGlobe Internet clients and team to the Schneider family," says Jeff Corns, President of Schneider Geospatial. "The new integrated team will continue our leadership in the GovTech market and to provide all of our clients with incredible innovation and customer service."

While many companies are looking for ways to scale back during the pandemic, Schneider Geospatial has expanded their services while working remotely to help ensure that local governments remain as accessible to the public as possible. Partnering with local government officials, Schneider Geospatial’s popular GovTech platforms have serviced almost a billion requests for information since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

“DDTI’s role in assisting with the transition from E9-1-1 systems to the robust capabilities of Next Generation 9-1-1 has become an important focus for the company. Our development of highly reliable NG9-1-1 core components has been a major contributor to our success. As our resources became more aligned with this line of business, we wanted to ensure our long-term web portal customers would continue to have access to industry-leading solutions. This acquisition brings new opportunities for both Schneider Geospatial and DDTI,” says Ron Cramer, President of DDTI.

About Digital Data Technologies, Inc. (DDTI):

Since 1998, Digital Data Technologies, Inc. (DDTI) has been providing state-of-the-art Geographic Information System (GIS) services, including data collection and normalization services to ensure uniformity, accuracy and adherence to NENA standards. In addition, DDTI has developed and installed key components ensuring reliable and timely emergency call routing. DDTI’s i3 compliant software includes an Emergency Call Routing Function (ECRF), Location Validation Function (LVF), Location Database (LDB), Spatial Interface (SI) and MSAG Conversion Service (MCS). DDTI’s map display software ensures location awareness for 9-1-1 dispatchers in over 1,000 PSAPs nationwide. For more information, please see

About Schneider Geospatial:

Schneider Geospatial, LLC provides creative GovTech solutions that change the nature of how people interact with government, improving service while lowering costs. Schneider Geospatial is a leader in providing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions to hundreds of municipal, county, state, federal, and private entities. Serving over 20% of the counties in the U.S., Schneider Geospatial is one of the largest GovTech providers with industry-leading solutions such as Beacon™ /™ / Elevate™ (local government information for the web), GeoPermits™ (cloud-based permitting and workflow management), and Agland™ (automates the process of calculating assessments for agricultural land). Schneider Geospatial is recognized nationally for its award-winning work. For more information about Schneider Geospatial, please visit

Source: Schneider Geospatial.

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